About Us

An innovative and well-established Company that is born from the experience and skills of a young but with great experience in the Internet universe.

For many years, the IT technology has changed the way people live their lives and, above all, of the companies. Since the beginning of the Network, the CAT is a leading in this field, for providing and made IT solutions high-tech. Our innovative ideas and targeted communications strategies for GOVERNANCE IT, they contributed to the success of our customers and increase the value and presence in key sectors reference.

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Why choose us?

For the experience, for clarity, the beauty of our achievements as well, for our reliability, built on over 15 years of satisfied customers.

Paolo Paciacconi
(CEO of CAT)

“The real technological progress, is the method of application innovation. Manage, create and optimize their company on the Internet, you play an essential activity in our days to increase its core buisiness. Knowing how to select the right partner, it means having a vision in advance in the market.”

Alessia Porfiri
(Legal Staff)

“European regulations on the web constitute a binding parameter for the legal aspect of the Company in the World Network. Compliance with these laws, as well as protect its image, boasts of being the foundation for the application of regulations, favoring transparency and maximum applicability.”

Daniele Ponte
(WEB Engineer)

“To create a website today is a rather simple. It is not easy to place it first in the research of the network. The native code application is the best that can exist for indexing in search engines. SEO requires a lot of experience about that few webmasters possess.”


We learn your reality by suggesting how to implement and optimize IT Governance. Functionality, Organizing Data Flows, Centricity and Simplicity Management. We provide strategies for getting the most response to a constantly evolving market.

web development

A team of professionals with extensive experience, who treat quotidianeamente research, innovation and strategies. We identify your aspects, highlighting the strengths, to relate them in our communications on the Web also improving SEO.


Our work does not stop at simple realization. We support our clients on every aspect, 7 days 7, all year round. You can count on our help through a readily available and immediate telephone assistance thanks to our server to remote desktops SSD.


We are a young team but with a great experience in WEB. We handle advertising for over 15 years, allowing any company to emerge in the infinite world of the Web, showing all their skills and professionalism.

Last Projects

To whom we recently provided ideas and support.


Portal of online sales of sporting goods for the sea. Technology RESPONSIVE with CMS Open Source and visualization from any media. Advanced Segments for SEO and Adwords. Implementations with visits increased 87% on turnover.


Implementation of targeted communication WEB study of advanced engineering. Localisation of the offer in relation to the request and representation of solutions through the website. SEO indexing via coded asymmetric.


Design and care of the web site of the Cooperative. Highlighting issues in the company and care of visual communications through optimizations of images. Implementation of safe online through proprietary code.