Distributed Products

Our online offer is aimed at companies and Individuals who need IT support for functionality and for the maintenance of their reality IT hardware and software. We are accredited by the main companies that produce equipment and solutions that contribute to functional and complete your work Lhe daily.
We manage the appearance computer in all its aspects: Of the local networks, the configuration server appliance firewall and antivirus. On request, we can make complex video surveillance systems with WEB interface for streaming and alarm feature on their handset.

CISCO System

The reliability first to all. Our systems follow the strict requirements that the CISCO applies for many years on the market for Business and Consumer. Appliance FIREWALL, VPN, WLAN NETWORKS, security guaranteed.

DELL Server & Appliance

The CAT is accredited by the company for distribution of DELL computer equipment at all levels and all needs. Products leased for Businesses: Desktops, Laptops, Servers and Peripherals.

APPLE Computing

We provide system support on Apple platforms treating their capabilities and integrating them into environments WIN/UNIX. Your real productivity, run through these multimedia computers.

BUFFALO Nas Security

Buffalo is a global manufacturer of innovative storage, multimedia content management and wireless networking products for home users and small businesses. Buffalo is a global leader in the NAS market.

ESET Security

The CAT is a partner of ESET anti-virus protection systems and enterprise. Install solutions for utilities and private business by increasing IT security due to the high quality of this company.


Our solutions for the web. With lectures in FLASH, DREAMWEAVER, PHOTOSHOP, JAVA and PREMIERE, we train users who choose ADOBE as multimedia environment for maximum productivity.


Supplies solutions for Corporate management server side and client side. .NET Framework, integration with management, File Server, Mail Server, cloud services and other packages of MICROSOFT.


Hosting services for web sites and portals. We were among the first to deploy services such as PEC, and MAIL HOSTING offering since 1998 professionalism and competence to those who wish to have their own web space.


Thanks to our partnership with Dell will offer the Dell Capital Services, an offering of financial services to all the Italian Companies on purchases in IT. Our leasing program focuses on world class service and is characterized by an intense and continuous collaboration with the professional team of Dell.

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Why choose

Your investments can be used by offering rental or operating lease Dell Financial Services, which enables you to get several benefits. With the rental agreement you can enjoy the use of Dell products and ancillary services in respect of only a small periodic payment.

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Virtual systems SCALABILITY

We create Appliance according to customer requirements in which the solutions, depending on the scenario, can be hardware or virtual on specific platform. We verify security vulnerabilities and IT side of reality Harware server side, creating a portfolio of software appliances based on Suse Linux Enterprise Server.

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