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We like customer satisfaction. For this reason we have solutions for all types of core business: From the small company evolved Industry and ending with the National Bodies. The satisfaction of each customer, is our true mission! Next, some examples of the perspectives suggested by type of business. If you want the customization to a specific industry, contact us and we will study insiema an intervention strategy.

  • Small Business

    * WEB site complete
    * SOCIAL: Facebook, Twitter
    * Updates and Changes
    * EBAY and GOOGLE shop
    * Management Hardware & Software
    * Local LAN Connectivity
    * Local Surveillance

  • Middle Business

    * Interactive website RESPONSIVE
    * Electronic ONLINE Shop
    * Communicative Line WEB
    * E-marketing Campaigns Viral
    * Management Hardware & Software
    * Server Implementations Network
    * Advanced Video Surveillance

  • Large Business

    * Information Security, IT Appliance
    * Users training in More platform
    * Realization Multilingual App
    * Italian and Foreign Line WEB
    * RESPONSIVE dynamic portal
    * Extra Campaigns for indexing
    * Hardware Support (SLA)

  • Big Business

    * Appliance IT, LAN/SERVER Virtualization
    * Members Teachers Training
    * Multilingual App Realization
    * Intranet DMZ on WEB Line
    * RESPONSIVE dynamic portal
    * Extra Campaigns for indexing
    * Service Level Agreement TOP

You have special needs? Take counsel!

Meet us if you need anything not covered by the standard. Together we will find a solution!

Not left behind the technology! Computer resources, properly designed, help very much your activities of daily . All too often this aspect is neglected by negligence or simply for the lack of knowledge of the state of art IT. Take counsel, but simply to provide information on where and how you can evolve.

With our works companies can have professional websites, Internet portals, e-commerce with a low cost and invest the visibility of their company through the working method that always identifies us: a policy of work based on performance and results.

We have experience in the provider of e-commerce for a wide range of activities and a wide range of sectors, different from each other. We can sell practically anything: if it is researched on the internet is definitely of interest to the visitor and therefore salable.